This year we have witnessed an unpredictable real estate market. It should be no surprise when we experience market shifts. This requires professionals in the real estate sector to focus their gaze on new market trends. Advanced knowledge on what to anticipate when it comes to market trends will give your business a competitive edge when compared to customers. Here are insightful real estate trends by Lisbon Portugal real estate that will dominate a great portion of the 2018 market.



A Rise in New Technology

Just as with every other sector, technology and innovation are transforming our real estate industry. Agents are forced to make adjustments to limit their exposure to such listings. Leading company agents are changing perceptions among buyers and sellers.




Use of Blockchain

Blockchain has transformed into a global phenomenon. We have felt the influence of blockchain in many sectors of the economy. Real estate is no exception. Applications running on the blockchain platform are changing how investors interact among themselves. This has opened up a new world of transparency, liquidity, and disintermediation.


Rising Home Prices

Housing prices in Portugal during the second quarter rose by 4.53 percent this year. An unprecedented surge in demand has fueled this boom mainly driven by an improved economic outlook. Lisbon has seen a revival in the downtown property market after the ease of long-held rent-controls. The government instead began offering tax breaks and residence permits to foreign investors. The tourism boom has also fueled demand for rental apartment and hotels.


Increased Retail Sales

It is no surprise that retail sales are affecting malls. There is the limited choice on how to re-adapt the malls. However, a good number of retail locations are excellent spots for residential redevelopments.



There have been articles that say millennials can hardly afford a home, let alone want to invest in them. This age group claims a significant share of the homeownership market. A significant portion of the baby boomers and luxury rentals are engaged in the real estate market directly.


New Constructions

A steady rise in the development of new buildings is keeping rental prices in check. This helps maintain a low rise in rental prices. Most of 2018 has seen rental prices at their lowest.


Low Level of Inventory

The low level of inventory has been the best trending topic by far. The most underlying issues are economic, demographic, regulatory or a combination of both. Many homes felt a market hit from the market. Agents must do better when promoting inventory as they explain the current selling prospects to homeowners.


Social Media Management

A new powerful trend is the use of online branding. This real-time management has gotten more popular than predicted, especially if it has a positive impact on your business.



VR Marketing

Recently there has been a rise in agents using professionals when conducting their visual marketing needs. This covers photography, drone video, virtual staging, interactive floor plans, and much more. Hiring the professionals will be a must-have for homeowners, agents, and other home seekers.…

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When looking at the must-have baby shop lists right before you have your child, a bassinet is often listed. Bassinets can be described as unique baby strollers. Not many understand just why they need it unless they have been exposed to it earlier on. co sleeper Nanny Annie Baby bassinets, provide a soft spot for their infants. Those who are younger than four months have the opportunity to rest or sleep comfortably. Thin film mattresses provide a perfect sleeping spot. At times room sharing gets tricky if the bed is not big enough. When sleeping in such a room, you can have your baby sleep in the bassinet. Pick a bassinet that meets your size, portability, and functionality needs. Why apply for a bassinet?



The Functions

The idea of a sleeping spot for bassinets is suited for the young infants. They are portable and keep the baby close to you during the day. Current pediatric academies suggest that their babies sleep in similar rooms to their parents and bassinets allow this.




The main bassinet types today have minimal variations. Traditional basket-shaped beds for babies are placed on stranded wheels. In several cases, baskets can be removed from allowing lift off and move. Another modern twist to the classic bassinet expands your bassinet and relies on the play-yard sleeping surface. Traditional bassinets cannot be used when the baby is several months old. The playpen only qualifies as a playpen till the baby 35 pounds.



Young infants and newborns are best suited for bassinets. The babysitting up or rolling over remains unsafe or inappropriate. Typically, you can use also use bassinets for three to four months, though others might use it for longer. Always check your bassinet and look at its weight limit. Healthcare tip websites can be used for infants for up to 15 pounds that will be certain for your bassinet instruction manual.



The best bassinet style includes the sun canopy, shelves, and storage baskets. When using your bassinet on your garden, the canopy is helpful. The style of your play yard covers a diaper changing surface, with supply changing storage.



Bassinets are hardly used for the long term with no moving parts and the ability to buy second-hand baby gear. When shopping for a second-hand bassinet emphasize on its structural integrity so that there is minimal damage on your mattress. Look for loose or broken supports within the basket while looking at its frame. Look at the play yard bassinet when fully assembled and broken for its storage.


baby bassinet


When trying to economize a suitable option that can match a traveling crib is the bassinet. Ensure that the product is cozy with an infant toddler height mattress. A search on online websites will display top bassinet options and detail reviews on their attributes. Check the user reviews to find out more regarding their structural integrity and level of comfort. When shopping for anything for your young one, quality should be your top priority. This ensures that they remain safe and feel comfortable.…

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Doing the household chores can be a difficult thing to do. They seem to be forever piling up and taking too long a time to finish. Sometimes, it is psychological, but at other times, it is the lack of appropriate units that cause us to be reluctant to do the chores.

Filtering the water

Filtered WaterThe most burdensome chores in the house deal with water. Mopping the floor, washing laundry, doing the dishes, and cleaning the toilet use a significant amount of water. But chemicals in the water can make all the efforts useless.

The first culprit is chlorine. Unfiltered water contains a high degree of the chemical, which can damage clothes in long-term exposure. It ruins the elasticity and comfort of the clothes’ fabric. And no matter how pricey your wardrobe collection is, without proper water to clean them ,they will wear out pretty soon. What a waste of money and time, isn’t it?

Water Filtration

The second culprit is calcium. If you have persistent whitish deposits on your plates, forks, mugs, or other utensils, it would be due to the high calcium in the water. They are not harmful to our health, but besides ruining the look of our appliances, calcium deposits can be damaging to plumbing pipes too.

The solution is simply by reducing the minerals content of the water. You should look for the best water softener. The device removes the ‘hard materials’ from the water so that it can be safer to your clothes and the plumbing pipes.

Choosing the right vacuum

VacuumVacuuming must be part of your daily routine. Dust is mean, and it can trigger excruciating allergic reactions. Red eyes, nonstop sneezing, and coughing are all the examples. But they are often overlooked and thought to be mild cough symptoms. Nevertheless, it will affect a person’s productivity and life quality.

Yet the way to overcome the trouble is not that hard. You just need to buy the right vacuum cleaner. The first feature of a good vacuum cleaner is power. There are two types of a vacuum: the cylinder and the upright. In terms of power, the cylinder has less power than the upright but provides more flexibility.

Carpets are best cleaned with an upright vacuum, while stairs, walls and hard-to-reach areas are best cleaned with a cylinder. Therefore, it is better to have one for each type.

Installing sink spray

Kitchen SprayIf you have a fixed sink tap only, you will be surprised how adding a sprayer will make doing dishes much easier and more quickly. If you doubt it, you can observe that restaurants always have one in their kitchen.

Prefer the metal hose than the rubber because the second tends to degrade faster than the first. But the metal hose only comes in one color and it is more expensive than the rubber. Therefore, before choosing between the two, you must consider your budget.…

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Reconstruction is one of the common things that takes place in many homes. One of the areas that need to be refinished when you are selling or renting your house is the bathtub. The bathroom is one of the critical areas that the potential buyers will look at first before buying or renting your home. Resurfacing a bathtub is a greater option for many people than buying a new one because it is much cheaper. Let us look at some of the advantages of bathtub resurfacing;


Less complicated


Resurfacing the bathtub is not as complicated as replacing it with a new one. When replacing a new bathtub, you may spend a lot of money and end up replacing everything if you are not careful. For instance, if the new tub has different dimensions than the one being replaced you may be required to do extra work to either fill up or patch up space. Replacing a new tub is therefore complicated and pricey. However, by resurfacing it, you will save a lot of money.


The cost of resurfacing a bathtub is much lower than the cost of replacing. If you do not have a background in building and construction, you will have to hire a contractor when replacing the tub. Other than the cost that you will have to pay for the contractor, you will also have to incur an extra cost in disposing of the older tub. Since most of the local government pickups rarely take up stuff like bathtubs when collecting litter, you will have to take it to the landfill companies by yourself. You may also be required to have a permit which will make you spend extra cash. Most of the states require permits whenever a construction or a remodeling is being done. Refinishing your bathtub will save you lots of cash since you do not need to go through all these processes.

Shorter timeframe


It will take you a shorter timeframe to refinish your bathtub than replacing it. Since replacing an older tub is complicated you will need at least a fortnight to replace it and start using it. This may create a lot of conveniences in your home especially if it you have no other alternatives since the bathtubs are usually used on a daily basis. Refinishing, on the other hand, is not complicated. You will only need less than 24 hours to refinish the bathtub and begin using it.


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Creating a space at home for doing office works can save time and money. You do not need to go outside to finish the take-home projects or preparing a presentation. Home office also benefits full-time freelancers. With proper preparation and mindful furniture placement, a home office can create the perfect working environment. Here is how to do it.

Listing your crucial inventory

Listed-itemsInstead of thinking what furniture you are going to buy for your home-office, start writing down a list of the essential items for your job. It will prevent you from buying unnecessary table, chair, or desk.

Your home-office is intended for professional purposes. Everything in there must be functional and practical to help you to do your job. Unused items or storage containers increases the chance for you to misplace things and cause a distraction.

Remember that working from home is good in many aspects, but one of the downsides is that the lack of surveillance may cause you to take an assignment for granted. Distraction such as empty storage which needs to get filled with items on the desk justifies procrastination.

You need to make a clear-cut list of the items you need, together with what and how you are going to use them. The list will affect your decision when buying the furniture.

Deciding what furniture matches the listed inventory

For typical office need, the must-have furniture is a chair, a desk, a file cabinet, and a bookshelf. For this requirement, you should look for the best computer chair. Do not take the chair lightly because it can affect significantly to your productivity. Remember that painful backache you have had because of the overwork? There is a high chance it was because you were sitting on a poorly designed chair, which has no attention whatsoever on the user’s health. Additional items may include a whiteboard or a projection screen.

Desk-ItemsFor a designer, extra desks might be necessary. One is useful for storing unused picture, and the other is for drawing.

A writer might need big boards on the wall to do the mind mapping and tracing patterns on written sources. Extra bookshelves also need to be put in consideration.

For extra aesthetic, perhaps you want to follow Japanese room style, where the table is small, short, and very close to the floor. Then, in this case, buying a chair is not necessary, but the floor should be made of the most comfortable and soft material. The ceramic floor will hurt your feet and upset your stomach. Real Japanese floor uses tatami. That is why they can do the seiza (sitting with folded legs) for hours.

Good pricing, good items

ideal home-officeThe last tip is that do not get tricked with a cheap sale. Some furniture is suspiciously far cheaper than the other. The reason is most likely to be poor quality materials of the furniture.

Therefore, do research on the average price of your wanted furniture before you buy it.


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