This year we have witnessed an unpredictable real estate market. It should be no surprise when we experience market shifts. This requires professionals in the real estate sector to focus their gaze on new market trends. Advanced knowledge on what to anticipate when it comes to market trends will give your business a competitive edge when compared to customers. Here are insightful real estate trends by Lisbon Portugal real estate that will dominate a great portion of the 2018 market.



A Rise in New Technology

Just as with every other sector, technology and innovation are transforming our real estate industry. Agents are forced to make adjustments to limit their exposure to such listings. Leading company agents are changing perceptions among buyers and sellers.




Use of Blockchain

Blockchain has transformed into a global phenomenon. We have felt the influence of blockchain in many sectors of the economy. Real estate is no exception. Applications running on the blockchain platform are changing how investors interact among themselves. This has opened up a new world of transparency, liquidity, and disintermediation.


Rising Home Prices

Housing prices in Portugal during the second quarter rose by 4.53 percent this year. An unprecedented surge in demand has fueled this boom mainly driven by an improved economic outlook. Lisbon has seen a revival in the downtown property market after the ease of long-held rent-controls. The government instead began offering tax breaks and residence permits to foreign investors. The tourism boom has also fueled demand for rental apartment and hotels.


Increased Retail Sales

It is no surprise that retail sales are affecting malls. There is the limited choice on how to re-adapt the malls. However, a good number of retail locations are excellent spots for residential redevelopments.



There have been articles that say millennials can hardly afford a home, let alone want to invest in them. This age group claims a significant share of the homeownership market. A significant portion of the baby boomers and luxury rentals are engaged in the real estate market directly.


New Constructions

A steady rise in the development of new buildings is keeping rental prices in check. This helps maintain a low rise in rental prices. Most of 2018 has seen rental prices at their lowest.


Low Level of Inventory

The low level of inventory has been the best trending topic by far. The most underlying issues are economic, demographic, regulatory or a combination of both. Many homes felt a market hit from the market. Agents must do better when promoting inventory as they explain the current selling prospects to homeowners.


Social Media Management

A new powerful trend is the use of online branding. This real-time management has gotten more popular than predicted, especially if it has a positive impact on your business.



VR Marketing

Recently there has been a rise in agents using professionals when conducting their visual marketing needs. This covers photography, drone video, virtual staging, interactive floor plans, and much more. Hiring the professionals will be a must-have for homeowners, agents, and other home seekers.…

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Ladders are widely used in the construction, material handling, industrial markets and, maintenance. Without them, some tasks would be impossible or difficult. There are different types of ladders. The common materials used in making ladders include aluminum, wood, and fiberglass. The traditional ladders were made of wood. Handling the heavy timber ladder is an arduous task.

Lightweight aluminium ladders have solved this problem. Aluminium is considered as the best material for making ladders. This material can be sealed to prevent oxidation or rust. These ladders are convenient for people having covered storage or limited interior space. Again, they require little maintenance. The physical characteristics and properties of aluminium are conducive for a ladder. Furthermore, this material can be turned, bored and mills easily.

Home owners or construction workers who want to buy aluminium ladder should refer to this site.The joining techniques used in making this ladder include riveting, welding, screwing and bolting. The following are the key benefits associated with aluminium ladders:

Environmental Impact

aluminium ladder

This material is highly resistant to corrosion, and it is not affected by environmental factors. This means that aluminium can be left outdoors for an extended period. A wooden ladder can develop cracks or warp if it is subject to harsh environmental conditions. Fiber glass can also split if it is subjected to such conditions.

Light Weight

Aluminium is lighter than the other materials used in making ladders. Maneuverability being a key consideration for ladders, a timber or fiber glass ladder is heavier than a similar one made from aluminium.

It Is Cheap

These ladders are much cheaper as compared to fiber glass or wooden ladders. The manufacturing process involved is making aluminum ladders is relatively simpler than that of fiberglass or wood.


Just like with other metals alumina is non-inflammable. This has made it one of the ideal choices for ladders. In addition to this, this metal has unmatched durability which gives it an edge over other materials.



This metal and its alloys are resistant to oxidation: it is not affected by environmental conditions. Any reaction that takes place is absolutely non-toxic. Additionally, aluminium is inert since it does not react with other reactive metals that it might contact.


High Strength

This metal has high strength. furthermore, it is alloyed with other metals to enhance its strength. In fact, its alloys are stronger than steel. It has a high tensile strength of 30,000 psi. This is a material that can withstand high pressures and bear heavyweights.

Maintenance Free

With an aluminum ladder, no maintenance required.…

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